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What is Revo Tron or "Tron"? Originally, Tron is the name of the first (partly) PC-rendered film produced by Disney Studios. Many fans were impressed from the lightcycle race which occurs in this film, and many people created simple computer games about the race.

The first games, of course, were only very simple 2d games. But in the meantime, there are some pretty good games about the Tron lightcycle race (as you can also see in the links). But nearly all freeware Tron games seen so far weren't able to reach industrial-quality 3d graphics. And it seemed that most games had an AI which wasn't really funny to play against because the computer players interacted not very clever and played pretty boring.

So, I decided to create a 3d Tron game which should have an AI that is nearly as funny to play against as a human opponent. Also the graphics should look pretty good. Now, I can present you the result of this design goals today:
the 3d Tron game "Revo Tron".
Check out some
screenshots or download it right now if you want to convince yourself about the graphics and the AI used in this game!


Game rules of Tron lightcycle games

The basic game idea of the Tron lightcycle game is that you drive a fast futuristic bike, called lightcycle. It leaves a wall where it goes, so the arena turns into a labyrinth after some time. The goal is to force the enemies to hit a wall while you should try to avoid this for yourself, of course. The last player alive is the winner.


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